What is a virtual statue?


There aren't many statues of women, for instance only 4% of statues in Sydney celebrate women. 

There are initiatives occurring all over the world to place more women's memorials and statues, but this takes money and space.   And very few statues are erected to people that aren't famous.

So we've decided to create virtual statues.  Landmarks that you can visit on an interactive map to learn about the women and female stories connected to that place....women whose story has been lost or ignored.

Why don't you allow comments on social media?


We set up SheSaw to inspire and empower women.  Unfortunately, the effect of social media is often the opposite.  Women are bullied and their voices are crushed, even on pages dedicated solely to feminism or women's issues.

So we've decided to limit comments on our social media channels. 

It is hard enough to find women's stories and share them, they do not need to be further censored or edited by internet trolls.

We want a safe space where you can read women's stories without fear of seeing a nasty or abusive comment.

Think of SheSaw as the librarian telling everyone to be quiet so you can read in peace.

Do you really mean ALL women's stories?


Yes.  ALL WOMEN.    At SheSaw, we believe that the female experience is vast and diverse and want to share stories that reflect this: no racism, whitewashing of history, ableism, homophobia or transphobia.   We want SheSaw to build understanding and compassion, as well as inspire people.  

We are committed to ensuring indigenous women are given the recognition they deserve.  When we tell the story of a place, First Nations women should be at it's heart.

If you spot something that doesn't look or sound right, please let us know.  We will listen and we will improve.

What about men's stories?


SheSaw exists because there is a gap...there are too few travel guides, history books, public landmarks or websites showing us the world through a female lens.

Men's stories are currently the default filter, SheSaw is offering an alternative way to see a city or country, and increase the visibility and awareness of women's impact on the world.

Women and girls need to see what other women and girls are achieving and fighting, to understand that they too can make a difference.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we meet, work and explore.

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